I started as an assistant film editor working on 16 mm documentary films.

It was a great way to learn the discipline of the cutting room and being immersed in the language of image and sound, a great environment to understand and learn the craft of editing.

Those first documentaries as assistant were my school, the editors I worked with, my teachers and mentors. Without their knowledge, patience and generosity I would not have become the passionate and professional filmmaker I am today.

It is this passion and professionalism that drives me to search beyond the confines of the cutting-room, for other opportunities to work with and mentor young filmmakers, both as editor and as a consultant in order to bring my experience in analogue and digital film to truly facilitate the use of new technology for the benefit of artists working in film.


Amanda Brennan, Producer The Befuddled Box of Betty Buttifint.

Jaime brought great sensitivity and a deep intuitive understanding of how to clearly and creatively tell our story. He beautifully shaped and orchestrated the rhythm of the film, instinctively knowing how to maximize the emotional engagement of an audience.

His vast knowledge and experience made a mayor contribution to the project and he was invaluable in structuring the director’s vision.

His collaborative approach meant he was a pleasure to work with and I will certainly aim to work with him on future ventures.

lauraGLaura Gannon, artist and moving image-maker:

 “I have worked with Jaime Estrada-Torres on two film projects. Each time he collaborated with great clarity, engagement, and patience bringing humour and intelligence to our exchanges. He is an excellent editor with ability to really listen and understand the unique aspects of a project. He has a track record of editing both commercially and academic teaching which is rare to find in an editor.”

JanisPughJanis Pugh, Writer/Director, The Befuddled Box of Betty Buttifint

Jaime Estrada-Torres is not only a great reader of ‘the grammar of film’ he has a vast knowledge of cinema and storytelling.  I have collaborated with Jaime on several film projects, including the feature ‘The Befuddled Box Of Betty Buttifint’. His relationship with the Director is an imperative part of his work and it’s an asset to have him on the project from the development stage. He is unique at grasping the directors vision and he will support that vision with great determination, as well as injecting his own, dynamic poetic flare and visual imagination. 

Jaime’s work is infused with a passion that never falters, he is a perfectionist from cutting to post and is a ‘must’ when bringing a film to the full fruition it truly deserves.